Mateki Flute


Every Mateki Flute is hand-made.
Even student model of Mateki Flute is not mass-produced.
In fact,all models of Mateki Flute are handcrafted by the same well trained,highly experienced people who build our top-of-the-line Mateki Flute models.
You do not find that in most professional flute factories.

Quality is our most important concern for Mateki Flute, all the time.
All Mateki Flute factory workers are well experienced and well trained with excellent flutemaking technic.
Mateki Flutes have never down quality standard.

Good teamwork of Mateki Flute factory makes it possible to check and maintain excellent quality control.

Mateki Flute holds to the principales of Hand-made Craftsmenship combined with exacting standards.
Mateki Flute translate the latest technology to our artisan's craft.

Goal of Mateki Flute is simply to make the most exellent flutes.

mateki flute

mateki flute

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mateki flute